El Salvador President to Speak at Bitcoin Conference 2022 in Miami

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Source: ForeignPolicy.com

President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele, will speak at the Bitcoin Conference in 2022. This conference is the world’s largest Bitcoin conference and will take place in Miami, Florida. The four-day event scheduled for April will have one industry day, two days of general conferencing and will end with the first ever Bitcoin music festival also dubbed Sound Money.

“After virtually announcing my intention to make Bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador at Bitcoin 2021, I am pleased to be speaking at Bitcoin 2022 in person to deliver an update on the progress we have made as the world’s first Bitcoin-native country,” said the president.

President Bukele, in his capacity as head of state for the world’s first-ever country to use bitcoin as legal tender, will address the audience on his experience with Bitcoin. Before legalizing Bitcoin as the county’s official currency, El Salvador had a strained economy. 70% of its population lacked access to traditional financial systems. On average 24% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product, GDP came from international remittances.

“El Salvador now has more citizens who have a bitcoin wallet than have a bank account. Bitcoin is bringing financial access and freedom to millions of Salvadorans” remarked President Bukele.

BTC Inc Welcomes El Salvador’s President To 2022 Bitcoin Conference

When it all began, El Salvador’s decision to use bitcoin as legal tender was to improve the economy. Later however, the cryptocurrency opened other doors. This is in part what the President of this Central American State will address in the conference.

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David Bailey, the CEO of BTC Inc stated, “We are beyond thrilled to welcome President Bukele to Bitcoin 2022.” Bailey, also added “El Salvador is leading the way for the world by plugging its economy into the Bitcoin network.

Indeed, it is a remarkable stride to watch a country transform its currency for a digital one. That said, the Bitcoin conference in 2021 had over 12000 attendees. This coming event, however, will in estimate have about three times that number.

“Last year’s announcement was a watershed moment for Bitcoin and for the world,” said Bailey. “We’re all eager to hear from President Bukele how the rollout has progressed.

We want to learn how we can each help to build a more robust, global monetary system using Bitcoin.”

More on the Conference

This year, the North American Bitcoin Conference will be held in Miami. The event will feature speakers from all over the world, and attendees can find out everything they need to know about cryptocurrency. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about bitcoin!

The conference has been a major event for digital currency enthusiasts and investors since its inception in 2013. Another notable speaker is Andreas Antonopoulos who will speak about “Bitcoin as an emerging financial system.” This year’s event promises to offer more than just insight into bitcoin investing, with topics such as smart contracts and blockchain technology also on the agenda.