Elon Musk’s mass layoffs drown Twitter in legal trouble

Sahana Kiran
Source: Techcrunch

Elon Musk’s $44 billion worth of Twitter takeover has been the talk of the town. The transfer of ownership has been rather chaotic as Musk was seen implementing an array of new changes to the social media platform. Alongside this, he reportedly revealed that he intends to slash jobs at the platform by half. Musk, certainly, invited legal trouble with this one.

As per recent reports, a class action lawsuit was filed yesterday in the San Francisco federal court.

It was recently brought to light that Musk wanted to take down about 3,700 jobs at Twitter. This is reportedly half of the social media platform’s workforce. While these employees were expected to be informed about the same today, the lawsuit could switch things up.

According to Musk’s alleged plan, the employees that would lose their jobs would be given 60 days of severance pay.

The latest lawsuit noted how Twitter was cutting down its workforce without providing enough notice. This was further considered a violation of federal as well as Californian law. As per the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, prominent firms were prohibited from carrying out layoffs without issuing a notice before 60 days.

Speaking about the same, Shannon Liss-Riordan, the attorney who filed the lawsuit against Twitter said,

“We filed this lawsuit tonight in an attempt the make sure that employees are aware that they should not sign away their rights and that they have an avenue for pursuing their rights.”

It should be noted that this wasn’t the first time that attorney Liss-Riordan was suing Musk. Back in June when Musk sacked 10 percent of Tesla’s staff, Liss-Riordan went on to slap Tesla with a lawsuit.

Are Twitter’s managerial issues slowing down its progress?

A plethora of Twitter users complained earlier today about problems logging into the social media platform. It was noted that most of these users saw a pop-up that read “Something went wrong, but don’t worry – try again.”

While “#TwitterDown” continued to trend, netizens came forward and took a dig at Musk.

A few others noted how Musk’s intention of bringing about new changes to the platform wasn’t aligning with his plan to eliminate half of Twitter’s workforce.

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