Ethereum Name Service takes GoDaddy down: up & running

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

With mishaps occurring almost everywhere, lawsuits have become more prevalent in the crypto industry. In a similar case, prominent domain registration platform GoDaddy encountered trouble in the crypto-verse for a dainty mistake that caused a major crisis. Ethereum Name Service [ENS] a platform that allows individuals to employ web addresses that end with .eth, abruptly lost its domain name While its parent company True Names Ltd. sued GoDaddy back in September, ENS managed to get back online after winning the injunction.

True Names Ltd. said in the complaint that the registration was initially supposed to expire on July 26, 2023. However, GoDaddy declared the expiry on July 26, 2022, claiming to have seen uncertainty regarding the year. In addition, GoDaddy later sold the domain to Web3 company Manifold Finance.

This is not where it ends. At the time that ENS was introduced, Virgil Griffith was employed by the Ethereum Foundation. He thus acquired the authority to renew’s registration. Griffith, though, has been serving time for his speech on crypto at a conference in North Korea.

As the Ethereum network was busy prepping for the Merge, ENS seemed to be dealing with this lawsuit.

Here’s what True Names wanted from GoDaddy

In the complaint, True Names and Griffith demanded a temporary restraining order against the well-known domain registration business as well as $75,000 in damages. It should be noted that didn’t include the expense of legal representation.

As mentioned earlier, was up and running. As per GoDaddy, the address is currently registered under Dynadot LLC and is expected to expire in July 2023.

Additionally, it should be noted that ENS has been making headlines for taking over Bored Ape Yacht Club in trading volumes. Following its latest win against GoDaddy, the firm is likely to thrive in the near future.