Ethereum Whale Just Purchased $6,867,089.61 Worth of SHIB


Since Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) total value locked (TVL) rose to $2 billion, the coin has become a bulls-eye for Investors. In fact, within the last 24 hours, an Ethereum whale just purchased $6,867,089.61 worth of SHIB. This value translates to about  165 billion SHIB.

This new development whose transaction details are on Etherscan have rocked Twitter hard. Crypto enthusiasts on the platform cannot help but anticipate that something big is about to happen to the popular alt coin.

The last time an anonymous whale bought about 6.3 trillion coins, it was a sign that something big was about to happen. This is because a couple of weeks later, the Shiba Inu token went bullish and hit a new all-time high. So, crypto analysts assume the whale had ro know about this coming bull to have bought such a huge amount of SHIB.

Have There Been Previous Whales Buying Huge Amounts of SHIB COINS

This new buy comes just after another anonymous Ethereum whale went on a SHIB shopping spree, buying close to 276 billion SHIB barely two weeks ago.

This whale’s purchase came after SHIB token experienced an impressive 340% surge in the last week of October. The surge had the coin hit a new all-time high of over $0.000046. This specific whale who bought 276 billion SHIB is said to currently possess around $13,448,334 in Shiba Inu tokens, according to transaction details by

SHIB, is experiencing an interesting development following its surge by over 50% a week ago on Sunday. This surge resulted in a record all-time high of 0.000057.

Price increase was a result of inflows of $4.64 billion on October 23 and 24. This also led to an increase of the total amount of money in the market from $11.02 billion to $15.66 billion.

So, once more speculation is rife about the possible rise of the Shiba Inu token. Should this be the case, the coin will rise even further up the top 10 cryptocurrency list