eToro & M2 Score Licenses To Boost UAE’s Crypto Footprint

Sahana Kiran
Source – Outlook

In a noteworthy development highlighting the increasing significance of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the global financial arena, eToro, a prominent retail and social trading entity, has successfully obtained a coveted license from the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). This license empowers eToro to function as a broker in securities, derivatives, and crypto assets within the UAE. This showcases the platform’s dedication to meeting stringent regulatory standards in the region.

Strategic Expansion by eToro

eToro’s strategic decision to enter the UAE market is a key component of its broader global expansion strategy. Recognizing the substantial potential of the UAE’s investor base, eToro aims not only to facilitate trading but also to promote financial education and community engagement. The recent issuance of a full license by the ADGM follows an initial in-principle authorization secured over a year ago.

Emphasis on Compliance and Transparency

The approval granted by the ADGM positions eToro as a trustworthy participant in the UAE’s financial landscape. Beyond the mere acquisition of a license, it underscores the platform’s commitment to compliance and transparency. Operating in a manner that aligns with regulatory standards is crucial for building trust among users and ensuring the enduring viability of financial services in the region.

Recognition and Services by M2

Concurrently, the cryptocurrency exchange M2 has also received recognition from the ADGM. It is now a fully regulated Multilateral Trading Facility and custodian. This accreditation enables M2 to onboard both retail and institutional clients in the UAE. M2’s services encompass crypto custody, UAE dirham-based Bitcoin and Ethereum trading, as well as on/off-ramp services for the dirham.

Stefan Kimmel, CEO of M2, perceives the timing of the license issuance as opportune, aligning with a resurgence of positive investor sentiment. M2’s entry into the UAE market introduces a suite of services tailored for both retail and institutional clients. It further contributes to the diversification and sophistication of the local crypto landscape.

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UAE for Crypto Players

The UAE’s strategic geographical location, business-friendly environment, and forward-thinking regulatory approach continue to allure international crypto players seeking operational licenses.

Concurrently, the ADGM’s registration authority introduced comprehensive regulations, particularly focusing on Web3 organizations, in November. This move underscores the UAE’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of emerging technologies. This is done while establishing a clear regulatory framework for the evolving landscape of decentralized applications and blockchain-based projects.

Additionally, the successful acquisition of ADGM licenses by eToro and M2 signifies a significant milestone for both entities. As these platforms introduce their innovative services to the region, the UAE is poised to play a central role in shaping the future of cryptocurrency. With a steadfast commitment to compliance, transparency, and the promotion of financial education, eToro and M2 are well-positioned to contribute to the ongoing growth and maturation of the UAE’s crypto landscape.

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