Evergrow Token Gets into BSC and Pancakeswap


Bulldozing the Scene

The innovative token, EverGrow, has been generating impressive figures in presale and following days. The token is systematically hyped, thus the remarkable figures.

Several investors have shown their support of EverGrow by contributing to the presale campaign. The Hardcap was reached within 7 minutes. Moreover, there is confirmation that an overwhelming 450 BNB was a contribution. After seeing how quickly the market cap increased from 150k up over 10m overnight, it’s not surprising then.

“#EverGrowArmy is getting stronger day by day with 5000+ Members on our Telegram. https://t.me/evergrowcoin.” the official EverGrow account communicated via Twitter

The crazy growth of the token comes from trading on both PancakeSwap and Poo Coin. This is not surprising since CoinGecko also lists it. Here they are top for highest gains among all coins under 24 hours. But, long term sustainability is questionable with these types of rapid price movements.

What is the Catch?

If a coin can keep living up to its name, then it has accomplished something extraordinary. But what we’re interested in is why people are investing in EverGrow at this moment?

The world of finance can be tricky and risky, but EverGrow has found a solution for you. They are rewarding users with a stable coin BUSD. Besides, BUSD holders can earn 8% returns on BUSD tokens for every transaction. 

EverGrow prides itself on not being manipulated by whales. They have built their business model around rejecting sales requests for more than 0.2% of the circulating supply. Besides, they impose an extra 1% surcharge when dealing with swing traders. It is thus impossible for whale type investors to manipulate the coin.

The EverGrow project may be intriguing, but don’t forget the risks. The measures taken are encouraging to prospective investors. But as always, we must urge caution.

About EverGrow

The design of the EverGrow protocol is to work with liquidity generation and autonomous friction-less yield farming. As it progresses, the token becomes more scarce so that its value can increase over time.

The EGC token rewards holders 8% from each buy and sell transaction in BUSD. This is automatically sent to your wallet as a result of holding $EGC. After that, there is a conversion of the token into the native currency with inflationary mechanics BNB. The team behind this project has attracted investors due to its unique reward scheme that also deflates slowly over time.