EverOwn: The New DApp in EverRise Ecosystem


EverRise token is a cryptocurrency. It gives people holding RISE an instant transactional reward. Also, protecting them with a unique burn and buyback protocol.

EverRise is set to launch its famous DApp known as EverOwn. The DApp aims to create a new dispensation in the project and in personal security.

This DApp will be available at the ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). And the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).

Introducing EverOwn

One major issue that legit new projects face about contract ownership. Most of them are torn between whether to renounce the contract ownership or not. Some projects believe in renouncing the contracts at an early stage to win the community trust and attract buyers.

The Challenge

The challenge, however, is that the moment you repudiate ownership, you can’t have it back. Also, the development team can’t effect any development. In case they need the contract to patch things. Renouncing ownership can limit the projects’ future growth.

Several issues will become common, as the crypto ecosystem continues to mature. Such issues include losing access to a contract wallet or abandoning it . Also, what happens in an owner’s unexpected death?

The contract will become forever frozen and its ownership lost.

How Does EverOwn Work?

EverOwn tends to provide the solution to the above challenges in the following ways:

By maintaining the ownership of the contract rather than individuals, EverOwn solves this problem. Yet, if anything needs changes with that system. Owners can reclaim it only after gaining community approval.

The EverOwn contract gives the owners a possibility of transferring ownership in it.

Using the RISE blockchain. Project owners can transfer ownership of their projects to EverOwn. Although by holding a certain amount of RISE and paying in either BNB or ETH.

To reclaim ownership after leaving the platform, they must hold enough tokens. This will hand them voting rights within their community. Again, investors will vote on EverOwn to decide if a member can reclaim their contracts or not.

The EverRise ecosystem can offer several use cases for its members. This include the ability to transfer back ownership of a fixed contract. This creates more incentives for RISE holders. And staying in the ecosystem rather than leaving with unsolved problem

The EverOwn contract will auto-assign any new liquidity to itself. Thus, making sure it never goes into the owner’s hands. This prevents a possible “rug pull”.

EverOwn lets the primary owner set up an alternative owner. And specifies a period after which that person can reclaim ownership of the contract. The primary owner will be able to change the alternate owners eligibility period.

By participating in EverOwn. Projects won’t have to worry about dead contracts and abandoned initiatives.

Additionally, transferring contract ownership is a safe way of transferring assets. Basically, there is no need for third party intermediaries.

EverOwn is ideal for those who want to have hands-on experience with blockchain technology.