Exclusive: Bored Ape-themed Restaurant Confirm they Still Accept Cryptos

Vinod Dsouza
bayc restaurant bored and hungry
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Bored Ape Yacht Club-themed restaurant ‘Bored & Hungry’ made headlines early this year for being the first restaurant to fully embrace the crypto and NFT culture. The restaurant also announced that it will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, ApeCoin, and other cryptos as a form of payment. However, The Los Angeles Times reported this week that Bored & Hungry stopped accepting cryptos and asked diners to pay with cash or cards.

LA Times reported that the market crash cost the BAYC-themed restaurant heavily and they’re looking into the traditional form of payment. They even quoted a restaurant employee answering if they accept cryptos as, “Not today, I don’t know.”

All top outlets carried the news of Bored Ape-themed restaurant ditching cryptos and going for cash. The news about the joint not accepting cryptos spread like wildfire in the crypto and NFT space. The word on the street remained negative and the joint received criticisms on social media for ignoring cryptos.

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Bored Ape-themed Restaurant Accepts Cryptos, Reveals Owner

Source: Instagram / JustBoredAndHungry

Andy Nguyen, the owner of Bored & Hungry called the LA Times report “fake news” on Twitter. He also refuted the leading daily’s claims that they stopped accepting cryptos due to the market crash. “We would just adjust the crypto pricing to match USD,” he tweeted.

Andy Nguyen, revealed exclusively to Watcher Guru that his Bored Ape-themed restaurant still accepts cryptos. “Bored & Hungry still accepts cryptos,” he said. When pressed about why his staff told LA Times that they don’t accept cryptos, he said, “When the reporter came in our system was off.”

“We’ve been updating our system and getting ready for ApeFest in New York City. Where we were using our new updated crypto payment system for 3 of our brands at the event,” he said.

The ApeFest was held in NYC last week and comedian Amy Schumer opened the fest on June 21.

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