Exclusive: Ethereum can Outperform Bitcoin in the Long Run, Explains Crypto Expert

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The two biggest cryptocurrencies in the world are Bitcoin and Ethereum and both coins have delivered life-changing gains to investors. BTC and ETH attract heavy buying pressure all throughout the year making the two prime investments at any given point in time. However, debates are raging if Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin in the long run and remain as a dominant force in the market.

Financial expert John Squire, the partner at Ojamu, an AI & Blockchain-powered platform, spoke exclusively to Watcher Guru explaining the possibilities of Ethereum outpacing Bitcoin in the coming years.

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Squire, predicted that Ethereum will follow Bitcoin’s path in the short term. However, he predicts that in the long term, the roles will be reversed and Bitcoin will follow Ethereum’s path.

“In the short term, Ethereum will follow the path of its big brother Bitcoin. But in the long term Ethereum will be the main currency in the crypto world,” said Squire.

Ethereum Will Outperform Bitcoin, Here’s Why

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Analyst John Squire highlighted the main reasons as to why Ethereum will be in the driver’s seat and not Bitcoin. He stressed the fact that Ethereum has more utilities and use-cases that keeps it at a point of advantage. Over the years, Squire revealed that the Ethereum network will grow and carry the market’s technology on its shoulders.

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Ethereum’s technology will remain more secure and credible and include cryptos, NFTs, blockchain gaming to run on its network seamlessly. Squire stated that Ethereum is more energy-efficient and will also be an additional cause that pays off in the long run.

“In terms of energy expenditure, Ethereum is much more efficient than other cryptocurrencies and especially much more than Bitcoin. Ethereum in the long term has more opportunities for growth,” said Squire exclusively to Watcher Guru.

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“Most decentralized finance and NFT games use it and it allows the creation of smart contracts on the network. Users can make their transactions without the help of a third party, in addition to being more secure and credible. This advantage puts Ethereum above most of its competition because it is more secure,” Squire summed it up.