Exclusive: Nerdy Frames Enters the NFT Space with ‘Teddy’ Collection

Vinod Dsouza
nerdy frames teddy collection nft new york sunglasses
Source: Nerdy Frames NFT

New York’s luxury sunglasses firm Nerdy Frames announced its entry into the NFT space. The company released their first ‘Nerdy Frames Teddy collection’ NFT which is available for bidding at OpenSea. The bid starts at 0.0001 Ethereum and the bidding process ends on March 25, 2022.

The ‘Teddy’ owners also stand to gain in the real world. The sunglasses firm confirmed that each NFT sale comes with a new pair of glasses every year for the next 10 years.

”Nerdy Frames will begin to participate in NFT space starting with “#1″ of our Nerdy Teddy collection. The purchase of a Nerdy Frames Teddy will include a pair of luxury eyeglasses each year for 10 years. #NFT #NFTs #teddy #nerdyframes,” they tweeted.

Nerdy Frames spoke exclusively to Watcher Guru saying they want to be a part of the crypto and NFT space. The firm confirmed they want to give back to users something of value in the real world too.

”We wanted to be a part of the full crypto experience but also wanted to reward whoever purchase our NFTs with a real-world item. So we are including a pair of glasses a year for 10 years,” said Nerdy Frames to Watcher Guru.

The trendy sunglasses firm revealed that a part of the NFT sales will also go to charitable work. The firm confirmed it will give out free frames to underprivileged school children as part of its philanthropic mission.

”Part of the proceeds will go to our philanthropic department where we give out free frames in schools,” they said.

Also, the ‘Nerdy Frames Teddy’ is limited and only 100 NFTs will be made and kept for sale in OpenSea. ”The nerdy teddy bear is our mascot,” they said and continued, “We will only make 100 bears. It will be a limited run.”

Nerdy Frames Entered Crypto Space in 2021

The upscale sunglasses company announced in December 2021 that users can purchase products by paying with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

The crypto payments can be done via NOW Payments for prescription eyewear. In January 2021, Nerdy Frames extended their crypto services announcing they accept Kishu Inu and FEG tokens as payment.

Apart from these four meme-tokens, they also accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment at the check-out page of their website.

Moreover, their wide range of sunglasses collection starts from $125 and their eyewear is mostly trendy and hip.