Exclusive: ‘The Shiba Inu Community is Amazing’, Says Switchere CEO

Vinod Dsouza
shiba inu bone leash trifecta listed on switchere
Source: Watcher Guru

The CEO of Switchere, Dmitriy Koval confirmed exclusively to Watcher Guru that the platform is all set to list Shiba Inu, Bone and Leash simultaneously. Switchere, will be the first crypto exchange in the world to get the SHIB ‘trifecta’ onboard together.

Users can transact SHIB, Bone, and Leash after listing with credit cards, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies, confirmed Dmitriy. The listing is expected to take place this week allowing their users to trade the dog-themed ‘trifecta’ tokens.

“Switchere will provide users the opportunity to buy, sell, and swap all three Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens in one place. We are proud to be the first exchange to list all three tokens. We want to make the whole process of buying and selling Shiba Inu tokens as fast and easy as possible,” he said.

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Dmitriy revealed that Switchere will offer a 0% service fee on the first purchase regardless of the transaction amount. He also confirmed that the platform offers various payment solutions to trade ‘trifecta’ tokens.

“Users can purchase the tokens with available payment methods, such as credit card, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. We offer a 0% Switchere service fee on the first purchase for all new users regardless of the transaction amount,” he said.

The Switchere CEO also praised the Shiba Inu community as “absolutely amazing” in the crypto sphere. “The Shiba Inu army is one of the biggest and most amazing crypto communities we have ever seen. The way they support the ecosystem, as well as its partners, is absolutely amazing. They are a true inspiration for crypto enthusiasts from all over the world and we are happy to start a long and fruitful friendship with them,” he said.

Switchere Partners With NOWPayments For Shiba Inu ‘Trifecta’ Listing

Source: Watcher Guru

Payment-integration services NOWPayments has collaborated with Switchere to provide them with the smooth functioning of the auto-conversion feature. NOWPayments will help Switchere support a feature on its platform that is a ‘crypto-to-fiat’ feature that
allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies and withdraw fiat.

“We partnered with Switchere and launched a brand new crypto-to-fiat feature that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies and withdraw fiat. So users can pay for goods in their cryptocurrency without converting it into fiat currency,” said Aliia, Senior Manager at NOWPayments exclusively to Watcher Guru. Read here to know more details about the ‘crypto-to-fiat’ feature enabled by NOWPayments.

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“The integration of SHIB and LEASH (BONE not listed on NOWPayments) with Switchere enables direct fiat withdrawals. Merchants don’t have to use auto conversion of SHIB and BONE to other coins supported by the feature,” she said.