Exclusive: This NFT Gives You an Option to ‘Get Your Name’ on a Sunglasses Line

Vinod Dsouza
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New York’s upscale sunglasses firm Nerdy Frames released their Teddy NFT collection last month with a limited cap of 100 NFTs available for purchase. The company previously revealed that they will reward their NFT buyers with a pair of new sunglasses for the next 10 years. In addition to the development, the firm will include another benefit to their NFT buyers by ‘naming a frame’ on the original purchaser.

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”We just added a feature where we name a frame after the original purchaser of the NFT. We want the NFT owner to feel a part of our process and want to keep their Nerdy Teddy,” said a spokesperson from Nerdy Frames exclusively to Watcher Guru. The development is one-of-a-kind where NFT holders will benefit from both the digital artwork and also in real life.

A part of the NFT sales will also go into charitable and philanthropic work. Nerdy frames will give out free frames to underprivileged school children across the United States. ”Part of the proceeds will go to our philanthropic department where we give out free frames in schools,” they said.

The limited-edition of 100 ‘Nerdy Frames Teddy’ NFTs are available on OpenSea for purchase.

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Nerdy Frames: NFTs and Cryptocurrency

The luxury sunglasses company announced they’re accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment last year for prescription eyewear. At present, their website allows users to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, FEG Token, and Kishu Inu. The crypto payments will be processed through NOW Payments.

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Their wide range of sunglasses collection starts from $125 and their eyewear is mostly seen as trendy and hip. Businesses are entering the world of cryptos and NFTs and expanding their business module to generate better revenues.

Firms that remain ahead of the curve in adopting the new financial method are most likely to reap the rewards it has to offer in the future. People are now comfortable in paying for products with cryptos and businesses are making the most out of it.