Facebook Faces 265M Euros Fine by Irish Regulators on Grounds of Privacy Breach

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Facebook Faces 265 Million Euros Fine Charged by Irish Regulators on Grounds of Privacy Breach
Source: Kaspersky

Facebook rebranded itself as Meta a little more than a year ago, on the 28th of October, 2021. The news was revealed at the Facebook Connect conference. The transformation reflected the company’s effort to expand beyond social media and into Web3.

However, Facebook doesn’t seem to be far from trouble. The social media platform was also banned by Russia back in March. Now, the social media platform has invited trouble from Ireland. As per the latest details, Ireland’s data privacy regulator imposed a 265 million euro fine on Facebook.

Ireland has fined Facebook’s parent company almost a billion euros

Adding the latest fine by Irish regulators, the total fine accumulated by Facebook’s parent company, Meta, amounts to a whopping one billion euros. The fine imposed by the regulators is a follow-up to an April 2021 investigation. The investigation uncovered a collection of publicly available personal data from the social media platform. As part of the investigation, the social media platform was also advised to make the necessary changes.

The fine was imposed on Monday by Irish regulators and is the fourth imposed by Ireland’s Data Privacy Commissioner (DPC), who is also one of the European Union’s leading privacy regulators. The social media platform also has 13 more outstanding inquiries.