FC Barcelona Gets $132 Million Investment for NFT, Web3 Initiative

Joshua Ramos
Source: Reuters

One of the most prominent football clubs on the face of the planet is set to venture into blockchain technology. Indeed, FC Barcelona has secured a $132 million investment for NFT, and Web3 development for the football club. However, the organization has been seeking entry into the NFT space for some time.

Specifically, the club received the investment from both Liberto Football Finance AG and Nipa Captial B.V., the team stated. Additionally, that investment is set to go directly to the club’s Web3 venture, Barca Vision, as it is set to heavily embrace the sector.

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FC Barcelona Gets Investment for Blockchain Venture

The entire industry of professional sports has consistently sought ways to enter into the Web3 space. Alternatively, in the sport of football, there are few clubs that boast the history, fanbase, and prestige of FC Barcelona. Now, those two ideas have joined forces in what may be a tremendously fruitful endeavor.

Specifically, the iconic Spanish football club FC Barcelona has officially secured a $132 million investment for its NFT, and Web3 initiative. The team announced the secured funding on Friday, the team sold 29.5% of its stake to Birdgeburd Invest. Moreover, that entity is the holding company for the team’s Barca Vision endeavor.

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“Over the past few years, we have made considerable progress in the digital ecosystem turning our assets into a creative hub that boosts FC Barcelona’s brand to unique levels of the world,” President Joan Laporta stated. “The step we are taking now is a strategic move that provides us with new resources to continue growing at a time when the demand for digital sports content is clearly expanding reinforcing the path of digital transformation started in 2022.”

Libero is a Germany-based publicly listed company that operates on a consulting basis with football clubs regarding finances. Additionally, Nipa Capital is a venture firm based in the Netherlands. Accordingly, the deal is expected to be confirmed in the fourth quarter of 2023. Yet, it must still be approved by FC Barcelona shareholders.