Felix Capital Raises $600 Million to Invest in Crypto & Web3 Developments

Vinod Dsouza
Felix Capital
Source: Felixcap.com

The leading British venture capital firm ‘Felix Capital’ is entering a new territory after raising $600 million through funds. Felix Capital, closed its fourth and biggest round of funding and will now enter the crypto and the Web3 sphere.

Since its launch in 2015, the firm has spread its wings across all major sectors by targeting strategic investments in the online field. The investments include e-commerce companies, delivery services, and electric scooters, among others. The firm will soon make its foray into the crypto and Web3 space, as the new financial establishment is growing.

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As per the firm’s statements, the $600 million in funds will be used as investments over the next 2-years in 20 to 25 different companies. The investments will focus majorly on Europe and will “selectively” involve themselves in North America. Their new investments will next be focused on finance, cryptocurrencies, and Web3.

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Felix Capital Forays Into Crypto & Web3

Frederic Court, founder of the Felix Capital said in a statement that the firm is looking at rapid transformation. He also stated that the changes in consumer behavior provide “massive opportunities” to represent their consumable needs.

“Felix Capital was established with the vision that the rapid transformation of consumers’ behavior represented a massive opportunity and needed focus. Since then, we have built a portfolio in line with that strategy, backing emerging and culturally relevant consumer brands as well as related enabling technologies that support them. We are proud of the growing community of founders who have trusted us,” he said.

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Frederic also revealed that, unlike hedge funds that look for quick gains, Felix Capital is not looking for short-term returns. The founder stated that the firm will enter the financial sector and is here to stay for the long run. “Our business is fundamentally a long-term business, and it takes a long time to build a great company,” he said.