Floki Inu makes headway with its school in Nigeria

Sahana Kiran
Floki Inu
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The emergence of meme coins hasn’t gone unnoticed. Floki Inu [FLOKI], Shiba Inu [SHIB], Dogecoin [DOGE] recorded maximum adoption over the last couple of months. Meme coin FLOKI opted to give back to the community via the Tabitha Cumi Foundation, rather than merely focusing on its pricing and exchange listings.

The Floki Inu network formed a number of alliances. From football clubs to exchanges, everyone was embracing the meme coin. The partnership with Tabitha Cumi Foundation was particularly noteworthy. The network collaborated with this foundation in order to establish a school in Nigeria.

According to the latest information, the school is now 40% complete and will be entirely ready by April 2022. Through its official Twitter account, Floki Inu uploaded a video of Nigerian youngsters thanking the network for building the school.

As per reports, the Nigerian school would include a total of six classrooms. A computer lab, library, technical block, and administrative office will also be a part of the school. The school will have a well-equipped playground and restrooms.

Floki Inu
Source – Floki Inu Twitter

In addition, the Kuchiko Ija neighborhood will utilize the Nigerian school that is now under construction. Elaborating on the same, Floki Inu previously revealed,

“The Nigerian school will serve as the main source of education to Kuchiko Ija, an underserved agrarian community with a population of about 3500 that has to manage a school built through community self-help which is no longer conducive for learning.”

Floki Inu is said to have entered this industry with the goal of building a school in every underdeveloped country and establishing FLOKI as the people’s cryptocurrency.

Floki Inu to roll out schools in Guatemala and Laos

While the Nigerian school was built in collaboration with the Tabitha Cumi Foundation, a United Nations Economic and Social Council NGO, two more schools with different foundations were in the works.

Floki Inu will be building schools in the the Comunidad Las Marías community in Guatemala and in the Phou Xang community in Laos. The schools in these regions will feature two-classroom and three-classroom structures, respectively. Both these schools will entail toilets as well as hand-washing stations.

The Pencils of Promise movement and Floki Inu will handle the schools in Guatemala and Laos.