FTX founder takes down tweets as FTT continues to plummet

Sahana Kiran
Source – Watcher.Guru

Drama had struck the crypto-verse. Fear around the collapse of a prominent project and the volatile market instilled uncertainty among many. Sam Bankman-Fried has been creating quite a buzz with the collapse of the FTT token. The FTX CEO, however, previously assured that all the funds on the exchange were safe. In a whole new turn of events, it was brought to light that SBF had deleted this set of tweets that affirmed the safety of the funds.

On November 7, 2022, SBF shared a tweet taking a dig at Binance. The exchange said, “A competitor is trying to go after us with false rumors.” Right after this, he confirmed that “FTX is fine. Assets are fine.”

Despite this assurance, the exchange went on to abruptly pause withdrawals. Now, it was noted that SBF had taken down these tweets.

Furthermore, multiple individuals on Twitter claim that on November 8 at around 10:30 pm UTC FTX CEO deleted his “assets are fine” thread. A few others pointed out that this was done just a couple of hours after Binance decided to acquire FTX.

This certainly did not settle well with the community. A plethora of tweets about how SBF wasn’t right for deleting tweets surfaced. While some called out the FTX founder for his “blatant lies” a few others expressed concerns over their assets on the platform.

Here’s how much FTT tokens have been liquidated so far

At press time, amidst all the aforementioned drama, the FTT token was trading for $4.34 with a 75.82 percent daily drop. While Binance has only liquidated a part of its initially planned number, here’s how much FTT has been liquidated over the last 24 hours.

Additionally, as per Coinglass, a whopping $26.89 million worth of FTT tokens were liquidated in the past day. Within the past hour, $471.06K worth of assets were liquidated.