GameStop Token Pumping Again With 50% Rise in 24 Hours – Which Meme Coins Could Explode Next?


Despite the GameStop stock falling today, its meme coin counterpart, the GameStop token, has enjoyed a 70% pump.

The uptick reflects a steadfast interest in the meme coin sector, driven by its decentralized and immutable benefits, which align with the ethos behind the wider GameStop and meme stock movement.

GameStop token is currently trading at $0.007754, up 51% today and 166% this week. While it remains at a 65% discount from its 15 May ATH, the recent uptick displays a resurfacing momentum and could lay the way for further gains.

With that in mind, this article examines three meme coins that could pump next. We consider trends and narratives, tokenomics, and use cases.


The Solana ecosystem has recently become a hotbed for meme coin trading. This is evident in its most popular wallet, Phantom, reaching the top three utility apps in the App Store on Sunday.

Projects like Dogwifhat, Bonk, and Book of Meme made this possible, but newcomers like Sealana continue to present fresh and exciting outlooks.

Sealana is a seal-themed meme coin with subtle South Park references throughout. The project is based on an overweight seal living in his mom’s basement chasing meme coin riches, trying to trade his way to a new Lambo.

The witty narrative lands close to home for many meme coin traders, so the project has fared an instant hit, raising over $1.9 million in its presale.

Momentum is continuing to build as more Solana traders learn about this token. However, with no presale hard cap announced, traders must be fast or risk missing out.

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Dogeverse stands as one of the most successful presales of 2024, having raised over $15 million.

Its rise to memetic stardom is fueled by a one-of-a-kind use case, being the only doge-themed cryptocurrency to go multichain.

The project will leverage Wormhole and Portal Bridge technology for widespread accessibility across Ethereum, Solana, Base, Avalanche, Polygon, and BSC.

This leads to unprecedented community growth, with the once fragmented blockchain communities now able to unite under one meme coin banner.

Moreover, the multichain approach minimizes the risk of users migrating between blockchains since Dogeverse is available in all the hottest meme coin ecosystems.

Another advantage of Dogeverse is its staking layer, which rewards holders for locking up their tokens. Currently, they can garner a 53% APY, but this will decrease as the staking pool grows.

Meanwhile, the Dogeverse presale is ending shortly, so potential investors are against the clock to secure their tokens.

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WienerAI may look like another jovial meme coin, but the technology behind it revolutionizes the on-chain trading experience.

While WienerAI has a meme coin exterior, its true essence is an AI-powered trading bot that empowers users to make better trading decisions and provides a seamless means of buying crypto.

The project employs predictive AI technology to scan the markets and identify potential trading opportunities.

In addition, it offers first-in-class trade execution that’s instant, free, MEV-resistant, and newbie-friendly. This means no more cumbersome issues when buying crypto on-chain – with WienerAI, it’s fast and free.

The project’s proximity to crypto’s two hottest trends, AI and meme coins, primes it as a top contender and could enable explosive price growth.

It is currently undergoing a presale and has raised $2.3 million so far. The current price is $0.000709, but this will rise throughout the campaign, with the next uptick in three days.

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