Gemini Unveils Plans to Launch XRP Perpetual Contracts

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Gemini Unveils Plans to Launch XRP Perpetual Contracts

Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini finally resolved the mystery behind a series of cryptic tweets hinting at XRP, announcing plans to launch perpetual futures contracts tracking the token’s price.

Over the past few days, several tweets from the exchange played on variations of the letters “X” and “R,” nodding to XRP, with some tweets directly acknowledging the coin. The teasers strongly suggested upcoming support given that the exchange delisted XRP in 2020 amid regulatory issues.

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The most recent tweet from Gemini posed a riddle to its audience: “In the land of giants, I’m swift and small, when I run I don’t stall. Across borders, I freely roam, in markets near and far from home. What am I? The answer will be posted in 24 hours.”

Gemini to bring XRP perpetual contracts

The initial tweets purposefully fed the rumor on social media over whether Gemini planned to relist an XRP trading pair. Speculation heightened ahead of the 24-hour deadline for the exchange to clarify the true meaning.

As it turns out, Gemini intends to allow leveraged futures trading on XRP. The move revives ties between Gemini and XRP for the first time in nearly three years.

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Previous regulatory uncertainty had forced Gemini and other major exchanges to cut ties with XRP and Ripple. However, steady legal victories have largely cleared obstacles toward the mainstream resumption of services.