GoDaddy Partners With Ethereum Name Service

Joshua Ramos
Source: ENS Domains

In a major announcement, the world’s largest web registrar, GoDaddy, has partnered with Ethereum name service (ENS). Specifically, the collaboration will now allow users to connect their domain names with their ENS names.

In the announcement, the venture was seeking to bring “the power of Web3 to their millions of customers,” in a massive move for GoDaddy and ENS users. Moreover, the partnership states that linking internet domains to DNS addresses will occur for no additional charge to the user.

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Throughout 2024 thus far, the digital asset market has certainly slowed. Subsequently, the collaboration between Web3 entities and major companies has not been as present as it had in years past. However, a recent announcement certainly could be the biggest partnership of its kind announced so far this year.

Indeed, web registry GoDaddy has announced its agreement with Ethereum Name Service. The naming protocol built on Ethereum is now able to be linked to internet domains from GoDaddy free of charge.

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The partnership is set to deliver “seamless integration with hundreds of applications across the Weeb3 ecosystem.” Moreover, the announcement highlighted the simplicity of the new section added by GoDaddy. Specifically, allowing its customers to integrate their Ethereum addresses with their domains.

The configuration will then allow that domain name to be used in place of the ENS name. Subsequently, opening up “a range of Web3 applications including wallets, block explorers, NFT marketplaces, etc.”

Conversely, the partnership is occurring as ENS is still in court with GoDaddy. Specifically, GoDaddy was sued for selling the domain name. The complaint was filed in September of 2022 after ENS alleged GoDaddy sold the name after falsy stating the registration expired.