Gold Price Eyeing $3,000 After Hitting 3rd All-Time High in 2024

Joshua Ramos
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Source: Watcher Guru

The gold market has surprised many with its performance over the last several months. Heading into the new year, many expected the asset to reach new highs, but few expected the metal to do it twice. Now, the gold price may be eying a trip to $3,000 after its 3rd all-time high in 2024.

The metal has struggled at times due to the Federal Reserve’s wait-and-see approach to interest rate cuts. The market expected gold to surge when those cuts took place, with optimism around their occurrence lessening with each passing FOMC meeting. Now, with a better idea of how many cuts could take place, the gold market has responded.

Gold Price

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Gold Price Could See $3,000 Price by the End of the Year

The current financial state of the United States has been a fragile one. Following the years-long inflation fight, the Federal Reserve has paused any action at its last six meetings. With inflation figures lowering, and interest rates still high, the market is waiting to see when action will be taken.

One of the assets most affected has been Gold. As a haven asset, the metal has sought a Fed decision that would inform the market performance. However, just a few months into the new year the price has continued to increase. In March alone, Gold has reached record levels of $2,159, $2,180, and $2,222 to set new landmarks.

Yet, that could just be the beginning. Specifically, the gold price may be eyeing an increase to $3,000 after reaching its 3rd record mark so far in 2024.

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According to FX Street, the asset is said to be entering a “new era” for the metal. Specifically, analysts have forecast a “new history supercycle for gold.” Indeed, the factors that had driven its price to its current level are set to maintain for the most part. Therefore, the levels don’t appear threatened to decrease any time soon.

The rise of gold has been driven by bullish developments such as geopolitical tensions, Central Bank acquisitions, and China’s continued demand. Moreover, those may well continue to bring the price to unprecedented levels once again.

Additionally, the Federal Reserve has indicated that there could be three interest rate cuts in 2024. That could further help the price of the asset, and drive up its value even more. Regardless, gold has shown that investors should reanalyze its price potential based on where it’s gone so far this year.