Golden Doge ($GDOGE): The Dog Coin Hype Continues

Golden DogeCoin

Dogecoin is the oldest meme coin in the entire crypto space. It remained under the radar for a while, but recently, under the influence of Elon Musk, it has become a crypto sensation. Following its meteoritic rise to nearly $1, many new meme coins began to pop up. One such meme coin is the Golden Doge ($GDOGE) launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network under contract address 0xA53E61578fF54f1ad70186Be99332a6e20b6ffa9

What is Golden Doge ($GDOGE)?

According to their website, $GDOGE is a passive income-earning opportunity for anyone who holds the token. The founders promise that every holder of the coin can claim some Binance ($BNB) coins every 24 hrs. This is a lucrative incentive to hold the token. The main goal of $GDOGE is to present DeFi as a safer and more transparent investment opportunity.

Who are the Founders of Golden Doge ($GDOGE)?

Although the community majorly drives $GDOGE, is the project is the creation of a team of experienced developers on the Binance Smart Chain. Hence, you can transfer and store $GDOGE tokens on wallets compatible with the BSC network. More and more developers have been deploying their projects on BSC because of its scalability, low fees, and relatively high transaction speeds compared to its rival Ethereum.

What are the Tokenomics of Golden Doge ($GDOGE)?

$GDOGE has a total supply of 100 quadrillion tokens. All of these tokens have been released into circulation, and therefore, there is little to worry about in terms of the dumping of new tokens on the market.  The team distributed 5% of the total supply, through an airdrop, to all $GDOGE community members, while the other 95% got added to liquidity.

What are Golden Doge’s Past and Future Plans?

The $GDOGE project has five phases, and the team is already on phase three. This shows a lot of resolve and effort on the part of the team of developers. So far, Golden Doge has passed its code audit and can deploy contracts on-chain. Audits are very important because they prove the code is sound, secure, and safe from liquidity drainage attacks by hackers.

On top of that, the development team launched the Golden Doge Swap, which is $ GDOGE’s own Decentralized Exchange. Currently, the team is focusing on marketing the brand and securing partnerships with big players in the industry. In the future, when Golden Doge reaches a $1B market cap, there are plans to build a Crypto Museum in Singapore with a 5kg 24-carat golden statue of Golden Doge inside the museum.


The project boasts over 50,000 members on telegram and 42.9K followers on Twitter. Strong communities can stabilize a project and even drive up the price. Presently, the price is $0.000000000045. That’s a mighty long way from 1 cent. However, we are talking about crypto here and 5000% gains in a day or week are not uncommon.


In summary, Golden Doge has ambition. The development teamdid the launch quietly, but the team is currently working to provide quality products around the clock. I am eager to see what becomes of Golden Doge ($GDOGE). Cheers!