Google Search For ‘LUNA 2.0’ Skyrockets in These 10 Countries

Vinod Dsouza
Google Searches Terra LUNA 2.0
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The governance vote to create Terra LUNA 2.0 was approved by 65.50% of users today. Above all, the approval gives way for Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon to relaunch his project as per his new vision. LUNA 2.0 is all set to be launched on May 27 and investors in the ecosystem will be airdropped their allocation of 1 billion LUNA. Also, right after TerraUST and LUNA crashed to $0 falling 100% in the indices, Google searches for the crypto shot up. However, despite the crash, people seem to be interested in the crypto and Google searches for ‘LUNA 2.0’ has skyrocketed.

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Searches on Google For Terra LUNA 2.0

Google’s interest in keyword searches for LUNA 2.0 is highest in the below top 10 countries.

  1. Finland
  2. Spain
  3. Netherlands
  4. Singapore
  5. Romania
  6. Italy
  7. Germany
  8. Poland
  9. Switzerland
  10. Australia
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Moreover, out of the top 10, a majority of 8 countries are in Europe. In other words, this signals that European countries are keener on LUNA 2.0 than the rest of the world, even beating the U.S.

The information was collated from May 25th to 26th for Google searches on LUNA 2.0. Also, 100 points are the maximum search interest for the time and location selected, while 0 = no interest.

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Terra LUNA 2.0 Rebirth

A lot of hopes and anxieties are placed on Terra LUNA 2.0. Some believe the rebirth is a new opportunity to make it big, while others feel it might crash into a similar fate. Similarly, LUNA 2.0 is now a bag of mixed emotions among the investor community. Therefore, not many might invest in the new version of Terra during its initial days. Nonetheless, the direction Terra 2.0 will take remains to be a mystery that will be solved only after its launch.

In addition, a lot of leading exchanges have announced listing the new LUNA on their platforms. Read here to know the full list of exchanges that have onboarded LUNA 2.0. In conclusion, if the new Terra LUNA succeeds, it will arguably be the greatest comeback in the history of crypto.