Here’s Everything we Learned from Today’s SafeMoon Sunday AMA 09/19

SafeMoon Sunday

Here are some important announcements John Karony, SafeMoon’s CEO, and Ryan Arriaga, made during the recent SafeMoon Sunday AMA 09/19

Safemoon Wallet:

Safemoon Wallet android downloads were delayed. So far android has over 100,000 downloads. Although the team says, the number is usually more than what people see. The network is number two on Play Store with 4.95-star reviews.

There were more than 20,000 download transactions in one day since September 13th. Just yesterday, the team submitted iOS to Apple. iOS will also have the same features as Android.

The team stated that they have plans to implement more token support and are working on an UI overhaul: “People in for a nice treat.” According to the CEO safemoon wallet is an essential piece to the next phase/product.

Safemoon Exchange:

The CEO, John Karony, is more focused on regulatory compliance, and future planning also applies to how it will roll out for exchanges. Additionally, the project needs time to build a secure exchange based on proper technology. According to John, blockchain technology could help with taxes so that the platform automatically deducted transfer fees, for example, anytime someone makes a purchase. There is a separate team working on it, but they haven’t put timeframes in place yet.

Safemoon V2:

Safemoon V2 will resemble the SafeMoon contract except that it comes with more features. There is an automatic one-way gateway to protect holders when listed on a new exchange.

Although it is not official, the team looks to lower the transfer fees (2%). There might be more information on the exchange update on the next Safemoon Sunday,

Safemoon Sunday Q&A

Question: Safemoon deployer wallet shows 1 Trill leaving; will that be all?

John says he hasn’t gotten involved in the operational side since late March-early April. The team stressed that this does not affect anything internally at this point.

Question: Timeline for products down the road? Still ballpark?

Safemoon changed fifteen people from senior role positions. This includes former Safemoon COO Jack Haines. Ryan said they’d rather have a quality exchange than a rushed exchange.

John: added that they would cover the updated roadmap on the next Safemoon Sunday.

Question: Can you give us some V2 wallet features?

The team is working with the community for ideas on what they want next. Some examples of features are; increased encryption, decentralized Apps, and beefing up charts.

John: also adding in support for other tokens/projects.

Question: Will PS LP be moved to Safemoon Swamp?

John: We are currently working on migrating LP; the focus is on the Safemoon Swamp.

Question: Is operation Phoenix world changing?

John: Operation Phoenix is our Northstar. Products in the ecosystem guide the launch of operation Phoenix. He drops a hint – “wind turbines.”

Question: Will users need to do anything to go from Token to Coin when the blockchain is released? Will a reflection tracker be implemented in the wallet?

John: This deserves its moment. The team is shooting for a 1-click migration in the wallet.

Ryan: We are already looking into reflection data and how they can display that. The team will get it done once it finds a feasible way to integrate.

Question: Going from V1 to V2, will the change be seamless?

John: focused on accessibility and ease of use. With the wallet, the prices will be easier and quicker. The plan is always to make it a one-click process.

Question: How will the blockchain be launched?

John: We will always do a test net before the main net.

Ryan: all future products will get tested first in beta form by community members.

Question: NFTs: will they still happen, and will blockchain assist?

John: Apple store is finicky with NFTs, so they are removed from the app for now. We, however, plan to have them in our ecosystem. We will support NFTs. Purely dependent on Google Play and the App Store.

Ryan: We are launching products uniformly. Android will not have features iOS doesn’t have. It goes back to the drawing board on ways to include NFTs in the wallet.

October 3rd will be the next Safemoon Sunday.