Here’s how Dogelon Mars is beating the Monday Blues

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Blaze Trends

Dogelon Mars subjected itself to a 16% price change throughout the weekend. On Saturday, this token was seen trading at a level as high as $0.000000895. On the other hand, the lowest range at which ELON was trading on Sunday was $0.000000752.

In effect, the weekend deviation registered this time was substantially higher than the 10% trend being noted since the beginning of this year.

Dogelon Mars’ Meritorious Monday

As the broader market continued to remain wobbly on Monday, the Dogelon community was in seventh heaven, for they were fetched with almost 9% returns in the 24 hours. ELON’s appreciation numbers were much higher when compared to other top coins in the same boat like Shiba Inu [+7%] and Dogecoin [+2%].

During the early hours of Monday, the token set another record concerning the number of HODLers. Dogelon surpassed the 130k mark on this front.

Also, the top Ethereum whales continue to possess this token. At the time of press, these participants collectively held more than 788.8 billion tokens worth $602.5k.

The state of the other metrics too seemed to be pretty polished at the time of press. Consider this – the average balance amongst the ETH whale HODLers was up by close to 1% in the 24-hour time window, while the cumulative volume had witnessed a day-on-day incline of more than 250%. Parallelly, the active whale addresses who got into ELON-centric transactions in the same period witnessed an 83% uptick. Together, they bring to light the brewing whale interest in Dogelon.

Source: WhaleStats

Leaving aside the large players, even retail players were seen contributing to the buying pressure. Per ITB’s data, the cumulative buy trade volume had exceeded the sell trade volume by 419.67 billion tokens in the past 12 hours. So, if the momentum continues to build up in the same direction, then we might see Dogelon Mars’ green patch prolonged.