Donald Trump’s NFT collection generates $4.35M in Revenue

Sahana Kiran
Donald Trump
Source – Unsplash

Former U.S. President Donald Trump created quite the buzz today by announcing the launch of his NFT collections. Earlier today, he rolled out the “Trump Digital Trading Card” series NFT. The crypto community was surprised by this move considering Trump’s hostility towards the crypto industry. However, he went on to price them at $99 each on the Polygon chain.

Within hours of its launch, a total of 34,000 digital trading card NFTs were minted. At press time, revenue acquired through the sale of these NFTs was at $4,356,000. Furthermore, wallets that entailed over 45 mints were at 255.

According to Dune analytics, total mints had crossed 7K earlier today. However, during publication, it was at 4409.


Additionally, a total of 12,874 minters were part of Donald Trump’s latest NFT collection.

It should be noted that 45,000 were issued on the Polygon chain. Users were allowed pocket these NFTs through credit cards or WETH. Furthermore, 10% of each sale on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea goes to the collection’s authors.

Is Donald Trump trying to raise money for the 2024 presidential campaign?

It should be noted that NFT INT is the firm behind Trump’s latest NFT collection. However, the platform affirmed that these funds wouldn’t be used for Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign. But it should further be noted that the former president is likely to make money through licensing his name.

While the use of the funds acquired through this collection remains uncertain, netizens had a field day. An array of them took to Twitter and took a dig at Trump’s “cringe” NFT collection.

One Twitter user lauded Trump for his “Christmas gift”,

“Donald trump showing up a year late to the nft scam is my personal Christmas gift. Genuinely the funniest possible thing he could have done. Thank you mr former president for always executing on the stupidest possible idea.”