Here’s how Floki Inu’s NFT-metaverse game Valhalla functions

Lavina Daryanani
Source: YouTube

Valhalla’s Alpha Battle Arena was opened to the public earlier this week. Alongside, the Floki Inu team introduced a new vera—or a playable creature—called Hushroom. As a result, gamers have got into their gaming mode and are busy trying and testing out the rollout.

The game, as such, is based in a Valhalla universe that has a collection of islands. One of its islands is Floki, which is the homeland of all the new players. The island contains three buildings – the “Inuversisty,” “B’s Shop,” and “The Harbor.”

Users would be able to create their unique playable character [an ERC 721] to walk around and interact within the world of Valhalla. To make a playable character, the user must HODL a certain amount of Floki tokens in their wallet. 

Transport in Valhalla is by a ship system, and the ships are NTFs that are fully customizable. The gamers can purchase ships from the shop or from other players. Essentially, in the game, players explore the Valhalla world and raid other islands that are not their homes for spoils.

A particular gamer with the Twitter username Jay Hizzy put out a video showing him playing and winning the game on the alpha battle arena. You can check out the video here:

Hizzy exclaimed that he “had a blast” and recommended others to check out the Floki Inu metaverse game.

How to play the game?

Users would first have to add the Metamask browser extension to their browser. Then, they’d have to navigate to “Settings,” “Networks” and then click “Add Network.” The following details would have to be entered then:

The next step would be to load a test token. To do so, they’d have to visit Paradigm’s website and claim it. The box below the wallet address field ought to be filled there and right after that, one test token displayed as “ETH” would appear in their wallet.

The network has to be switched back to Optimism Kovan in Metamask before officially visiting the Valhalla gaming website and clicking play.

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