Here’s How Many Crypto Investors Believe They Will Become Billionaires

Vinod Dsouza
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The majority of people who have invested their hard-earned money in the crypto markets dream of becoming billionaires. While some hope to turn into billionaires overnight, others have made peace with time and are willing to wait for years. A large number of millennials and Gen Z have invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, and meme coins in the hopes of making generational wealth.

However, only a handful of them made significant profits while the majority of investors are now underwater due to the crypto market crash.

Market research firm Harris Poll recently published a survey of crypto investors. The research shows that the majority of people firmly believe that cryptos will make them billionaires.

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How Many People Believe Crypto Will Make Them Billionaires?

Source: Pixabay

The Harris Poll reveals that 71% of cryptocurrency investors believe that the crypto markets will help them become billionaires. The survey shows that millennials and Gen Z are more confident about making generation wealth than their older counterparts. Among the older investors section, only 44% stated that they feel the crypto markets can make them turn rich.

Also, 60% of investors stated that they feel closely connected with other investors through social media. The study shows that investors look up to other men and women in the community and take investment suggestions regularly.

You can read more details about the Harris Poll survey on crypto investors here.

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Also, a survey taken in 2020 by the financial group Devere indicated that millennials prefer Bitcoin over gold and stock markets. The research shed light that millennials find Bitcoin and cryptos to be more lucrative than any other asset class.

“In line with the findings that show that millennials have a preference for bitcoin over gold. The cryptocurrency is set up for growing prominence as a serious safe-haven asset class,” said Devere CEO Nigel Green.