Here’s How Shiba Inu Benefits From Its Collab With John Richmond

Paigambar Mohan Raj
shiba inu john richmond fashion collaboration
Source: Shiba Inu / Twitter

Shiba Inu was the topic of a recent Medium blog post by user pb5_five, where he explains his admiration and affection towards the token and the community behind it. 

The post talks about trust and anonymity, stating;

“Without trust, it is impossible to create successful relationships both in business and in personal life. Moreover, working in this environment, where anonymity is seen basically everywhere, it is important to gain trust from the people you’re working with.”

However, the highlight of the post was regarding the upcoming collaboration between Shiba Inu and John Richmond. He points out how this collaboration will bring much needed growth to the popular coin. 

Benefits of the Shiba Inu X John Richmond collab

The writer of the post says that this collaboration is something he could connect with, and that it would bridge a decentralized authority and a global fashion brand. This, in his opinion, would bring an innovation to the fashion world which, in a way that has never been seen before. 

Richmond’s team has hired some of the most powerful people in the fashion industry who are eager to collaborate with Shiba Inu and provide a breakthrough in the world of fashion through cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The collaboration will see the creation of 10,000 Shiba Inu-themed NFT’s, the real versions of which will be displayed at the Milan Fashion Week in September of this year. 

Source: NDTV

According to the writer,

“This collaboration will have a great quality impact for SHIB, bringing an entire new audience to the project through worldwide known fashion figures.”

AAA models will parade for SHIB at the show while wearing the Shiba Inu-themed outfits. There will also be an afterparty at a secretive location for SHIB holders and the SHIBARMY, with a secret theme that will be revealed later.

At the time of publication, SHIB was trading at $0.00002237.