Here’s the Top 10 Most Searched Cryptos on BitMart

Vinod Dsouza
Top 10 cryptos on BitMart
Source: Pixabay

BitMart released their top 10 most searched cryptocurrencies of the week and Shibnobi (SHINJA) took the sweet top spot. The data collected from January 31 to February 6, 2022, shows Shibnobi defeating the biggies in search volume.

Moreover, SHINJA came ahead of BabyDoge, Saitama, Shiba Inu, and Safemoon who took the third, fourth, ninth, and 10th spot respectively. Also, a few days ago Shibnobi was trending no 1 on Dextools and attracted a new round of investors into its fold. The token was also trending on Twitter under the technology category last week.

Shibnobi’s popularity is growing by the day as investors see it as a low-hanging fruit that’s available for grabs. The meme-token is trading at less than a Cent and the affordable price is its driving factor. Investors who feel they missed out on SHIB and Dogecoin’s run have invested in Shibnobi, hoping it could deliver a similar feat.

Shibnobi Listings

Safemoon Swap will list Shibnobi today and an announcement about the listing will be made soon. Also, the SHINJA team went through Safemoon Swap’s stringent rules for listing and saw itself being signup-up on the platform. Also, Safemoon Swap’s stringent rules for listing can be read here.

SHINJA was on the verge of being listed on Saitama’s SaitaMask but the listing failed through at the last minute. SaitaMask decided to not list the token as SHINJA team didn’t want to renounce their contract.

Shibnobi called the circumstances “disappointing and unprofessional,” but wished SaitaMask the best for their launch.

The CEO of Shibnobi, Cliff Fettner released a statement on Twitter highlighting the sequence of events. It is highly unlikely that SaitaMask would ever consider listing Shibnobi again and vice versa.