Here’s what Baby Doge Swap is all about

Sahana Kiran
Baby Doge
Source – Unsplash

The onset of meme coins paved the way for the arrival of an array of cryptocurrencies. The success that Shiba Inu [SHIB] garnered prompted several networks to roll out their own. Similarly, Baby Doge decided to enter the market and is now thriving. Following a slight tease, the network announced the long-awaited swap was now complete.

In addition to the swap, Baby Doge would reportedly roll out a test net as well. This test net is expected to hit the market in seven days that is on 15th August.

Back in April, when the Swap was underway, the network revealed that it would spruce up the use and burn rate of Baby Doge. The meme coin network had previously revealed that registration for the DEX wouldn’t be mandatory. Users could simply trade by connecting their respective wallets to the Binance Smart Chain [BSC].

In its latest set of tweets, Baby Doge announced that the swap would entail farming and staking services. The tweet read,

“Our swap is not just a swap it will also have innovation such as Farming and Staking as well as a service so any project can create a farm or staking adding utility to their project! Holding baby doge for lower fees. Complimentary FREE token locker for regular and LP tokens!”

While there’s more to come, a single tweet managed to pump the price of the meme coin.

Baby Doge spikes ahead of test net release

The Baby Doge community has been yearning for a listing on prominent crypto exchange Binance. However, CZ seemed to be rather annoyed with the community for constant shilling. This listing was expected to bring both a price surge as well as more credibility to the ecosystem. Nevertheless, focusing on its developmental side, the asset seemed to be thriving albeit not being listed on Binance.

Right after the below tweet, the price of the meme coin surged to $0.000000001884.

This, however, did not last very long. At press time, Baby Doge encountered a correction which pushed the asset’s price back to $0.000000001526.

In addition to this price, the market cap followed suit. The meme coin managed to surge to a high of nearly $300 million. But Baby Doge’s market cap was at a low of $244,583,551, during publication.