Here’s what to expect from Floki Inu’s Gemstone NFT release today

Sahana Kiran
Floki Inu
Source – Unsplash

Non-fungible tokens [NFT] certainly took over the crypto-verse. From celebrities to mainstream companies, everybody wanted to be a part of the NFT revolution. Crypto networks, however, got a head start. Prominent meme coin, Floki Inu [FLOKI] decided to jump onto the NFT bandwagon. In addition to this, the network broadened its reach with an exclusive NFT collection that is set to be rolled out today.

In a recent tweet, Floki Inu revealed that the Floki Gemstone NFTs were going to hit the market today.

Unlike other NFTs, the Gemstone collection cannot be purchased. Individuals would have to “earn” them. In an elaborate Medium post, Floki Inu noted how these NFTs came with exclusive benefits and hence could not be easily available.

These NFTs will be given as a reward to users who emerge as the first ones to buy and hold FLOKI on the upgraded contract on Uniswap or PancakeSwap.

Floki’s Gemstone NFT set contains about three Gemstones, each with different functions. These include Aurum Gemstone of Truth, Diamond Mind Gemstone as well as Ruby Heart Gemstone.

Floki Inu’s Aurum Gemstone of Truth


Holders of the Aurum Gemstone of Truth would be given a “Forever Free” card. This would mean they wouldn’t have to pay fees for accessing Floki Inu products. An advantage in the Floki NFT Metaverse Valhalla also awaits these holders.

Interested individuals would have to make a purchase of at least 0.2 ETH/1.5 BNB worth of Floki. This should however be done within just 24 hours of the contract being tradable. In addition to this, buyers should hold their Floki Inu for at least 48 hours following the purchase.

Diamond Mind Gemstone NFT

The Diamond Mind Gemstone NFT will mirror the utilities of the Aurum Gemstone of Truth. The network has been working on the Floki Debit Card for quite some time now. Recently, it was revealed that the devs were in talks with several financial institutions about the same. With the Diamond Mind Gemstone NFT individuals would be the first to access the Debit card following its launch.

The purchase process includes,

Buy at least 1 ETH/7 BNB worth of FLOKI tokens within 24 hours of the upgraded contract being tradable AND hold your tokens for at least 72 hours.

Rudy Heart Gemstone NFT

In addition to these, the Rudy Heart Gemstone NFT holders will be given access to all the aforementioned features with airdrops of future tokens on the Floki Inu ecosystem.

For this NFT, users have to buy at least 2.5 ETH/18 BNB worth of FLOKI tokens within 24 hours of the upgraded contract being tradable. The holding time on this is 96 hours.

Ahead of this launch, Floki Inu was trading for $0.00001127 with a 10 percent surge over the last 24 hours.