2022 is the Year of Shiba Inu, Here’s Why

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu 2022
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Shiba Inu topped the charts of almost everything the crypto market has to offer in 2021. From being the most loved meme-token among the top 1000 ETH whales to being the most discussed topic on Twitter, SHIB has been there and done it all. The meme-token is racing into 2022 with big hopes and there are high chances it could deliver stellar returns next year.

2022 could see SHIB’s fortunes change for good as more investors would jump in on the bandwagon. The token’s momentum will be alive as the majority of its holders desperately want it to breach the 1 Cent mark. Until that happens, SHIB could always remain the ‘talk of the town’ and attract new and first-time investors along the way.

Here’s Why 2022 Could Be the year of Shiba Inu

SHIB is finding real-world use-cases, providing solutions to business problems, and is coming out of the meme-token tag. In December 2021 alone, around 10 different retailers around the world announced they are accepting Shiba Inu as payment.

A lot of developments are on the cards for SHIB in 2022 that could put it on the pedestal of success. Let’s talk about it below one by one and decode what it means for SHIB investors.

Shiba Inu’s Move Towards Blockchain Gaming will Make Way For a Sustainable Price Rise

SHIB will undergo foundational changes in 2022 as it eyes ‘blockchain gaming’, which is touted as ‘the future’ of gaming technology. The upcoming development will bring new utility to its ecosystem making SHIB among the first to enter the blockchain gaming world.

Shiba Inu teamed up with senior game designer William David Volk, a former VP of technology at Activision. The gaming partnership is a Shiboshi-inspired video game but major details about the game are kept under wraps. Considering that Volk is behind Call of Duty, the upcoming game with being nothing less than stellar.

Shiba Inu NFTs

Around 10,000 unique Shiba Inu NFTs would make their debut in 2022 and light up the SHIB community with the artwork. The NFT community is waiting for the launch and SHIB will generate buzz during the time of the releases. There’s a lot in store for Shiba Inu NFTs in 2022 and the meme-token will be seen differently next year.

ShibaNet : The Way Forward

Shiba Inu’s ecosystem is growing by the day with new developments taking place almost every quarter of 2022. Shytoshi revealed in his Medium blog that ShibaNet would be a game-changer to SHIB’s prospects in the future.

For the uninitiated, ShibaNet is a decentralized marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and trade goods using the in-house ecosystem. The transactions would no longer depend on third-party apps but would be an individual entity for all forms of transactions.

ShibaNet will run on the Shibarium Layer-2 platform and would skip the high Ethereum gas fees. The development allows users to spend more money on utility than wasting them on gas and transaction fees.

PlaySide Games Partnership with SHIB

Australia-based PlaySide Games signed a strategic work-for-hire contract with Shiba Inu. The development consists of a multiplayer Collectable Card Game and users can access it at the place of their choice.

The milestone-based agreement is for eight months and PlaySide Games would release the game on or before August 2022. PlaySide is Australia’s top game development firm and is also listed on Australia’s stock market.

The development of the game also revolves around Shiba Inu’s Shiboshi NFTs and would interlink the two worlds into one.

Shiba Inu’s Layer 2 Solution ‘Shibarium’

Among all the developments on cards for SHIB in 2022, Shibarium could be the earliest to be released. The meme-token is expanding its ecosystem and reaching new avenues to sustainably scale itself to newer heights.

ShibaSwap developer Eric M revealed during a Q&A session in Discord that Shibarium could be launched “soon”. However, he did not specify a timeline for the release but left everyone guessing the timeline. Reading between the lines, he seems to be well aware of the developments and hence confidently stated the word “soon”.


In conclusion, considering all of these developments would take place in 2022, Shiba Inu will stand at the crossroads of opportunity and be in a comfortable position by next year, same time.

At the time of publishing, Shiba Inu was trading at $0.00003797 and is up +1.52% in the days’ trade.