Here’s why Binance ditched the Swastika-Like Twitter Emoji

Sahana Kiran
Source – Pixabay

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange has managed to stay at the top of its game throughout all these years. Now the exchange seems to be attempting to give its platform a brand new look. The crypto community noticed that the platform was trying out different symbols for its logo. The swastika was supposedly one of them.

The swastika means a lot of things in different parts of the world. While Indians view this as a sign of good luck, the rest of the world is reminded of the Nazi era. A Twitter user steered crypto Twitter in this direction and pointed out this abrupt change in Binance’s logo.

The Twitter user who goes by the username CryptoCred noted that something wasn’t right about the Binance logo. This, however, did not last very long as it was almost immediately changed again.

Coincidentally it happened to be Adolf Hitler’s birthday yesterday. This further enraged the community causing more chaos. Crypto Twitter went ballistic on Binance for its latest move. While some suggested that the exchange did it intentionally a few others were thrashing the exchange.

Binance and its political faux pax

As this blew up, the exchange took to Twitter and addressed its latest mishap. After admitting that it was “really embarrassing” Binance affirmed that they had flagged the issue and taken the emoji down. The exchange tweeted,

“Well that was obviously really embarrassing. We’re not sure how that emoji got through several layers of review without anyone noticing, but we immediately flagged the issue, pulled it down, and the new emoji design is being rolled out as we speak.”

Additionally, the exchange even went on to take all the tweets down that entailed the emoji. Currently, the exchange’s emoji is a tiny balloon with the Binance logo on it.

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the exchange also acknowledged this and tweeted,

While it isn’t sure if Binance did this intentionally, it got the exchange trending on Twitter.