How Many Logan Paul CryptoZoo NFT Eggs Are There?

Logan Paul CryptoZoo NFT

YouTuber Logan Paul isn’t a stranger when it comes to NFT projects. He has several investments in cryptocurrencies and contributed to creating the Dink Doink token (DINK). In a bid to change the world of NFTs, Logan launched his NFT project, Cryptozoo.

How Many CryptoZoo NFT Eggs Are There?

His NFT project aligns with the crypto space’s growing demand for collectibles and increased interactivity with tokens. His $1 million investment into this project only shows how confident he is about the success of this project. In his latest IMPAULSIVE clip, Logan Paul announced ahead of the project’s launch that 10,000 Cryptozoo NFT Eggs are available for over 11,000 unique holders.

What is CryptoZoo?

So, what exactly is Cryptozoo? According to the team’s Telegram, Cryptozoo is “An autonomous ecosystem where zoo owners breed, collect, and trade exotice hybrid animals via NFTs.” The project will allow crypto enthusiasts to collect, earn, and swap NFT versions of wildlife-themed characters.

Users will make some money from this platform by breeding hybrid NFT animals that can yield tokens. To purchase the 10,000 available NFT eggs, users can use $ZOO, Cryptozoo’s native token, and wETH. Users can use the NFT eggs for breeding as many hybrid animals as they want, giving them consistent opportunities to make money.

When Will it Launch?

Logan Paul CryptoZoo NFT

Having worked on other NFT projects like DINK, Logan Paul knows a thing or two about NFTs. It’s no wonder that he has been working on the project for six months and injected a million dollars into the investment. Cryptozoo is in a solid position to become one of the hottest NFT projects on BSC and the crypto-verse with this kind of investment.

Logan believes that nothing makes all the other NFT projects unique since most are the same product rewrapped into different skins. He believes Cryptozoo will breathe a new life in the world of NFTs. The project goes live on Wednesday, 1st September, where users can purchase the NFT eggs at a 10% discount.

Should You Invest in $ZOO Today?

The current $ZOO price stands at $0.00043828, making it a cheap option and a significant bet in the NFT marketplace. It’s enjoying quite a strong rally at the moment, and at its current price level, investors should take the opportunity to buy in while the price hovers here. This will make it easy to enter the market before the next vertical ascent.

You may very well consider investing in $ZOO if you’re a firm believer in the long-term potential of NFT games and collectibles. The project already has more than 11,000 unique holders, a strong testament that the project is yet to launch.

With a strong potential to become a profitable NFT project on BSC and the entire crypto space, you should keep your eye on $ZOO.