How Much is John Karony’s Safemoon Portfolio Worth?


John Karony is the CEO of Safemoon cryptocurrency. And his net worth is massive, no doubt in millions.

SafeMoon is a brand new cryptocurrency that’s causing all sorts of chaos in the market. Within a month, its value has grown with each day bringing more volatility than before.

But, Karony’s salary as the CEO is not clear. But, the company is experiencing an increase in the number of holders that count up to 1 million and a half. Along with their assets worth over a billion dollars. A pointer that the company is going in the right direction.

Likewise, SafeMoon’s Twitter account has reached 1 million followers within six months. It’s safe to say that they’re pretty versatile and, in some sense – safer.

Backlash on Safemoon

The cryptocurrency, SafeMoon, has been increasing lately. Yet, many crypto enthusiasts sound the warning bells. They claim Safemoon is a blatant pyramid scheme because of CEO John Karony’s involvement in it. To clarify, his financial stake in DeFi currency hasn’t been thus disclosed. Thus, people can only guess about how much money he may have made off this new Ponzi Scheme.

SafeMoon creators came under fire for not answering questions in an AMA on Reddit. After the event, many users became curious about this crypto’s legitimacy as a project. Or perhaps, if it is another scam like so many others lately.

Why John Karony’s portfolio net worth matters

Karony has been making more money than most people. But crypto zealots are having concerns about how much of that is coming from SafeMoon tokens.

SafeMoon has a unique system that rewards token holders for holding the currency. The Safe moon protocol assesses 10% of all sold tokens as fees. Out of this, 5% goes towards “burn rate,” and 5% is allocated equally to every other holder. Thus, it discourages day-trading while helping maintain value over time.

How Much Safemoon Does John Karony Hold?

Unless John reveals the exact amount of the token he owns, it is impossible to know.

But, there is speculation that Karony holds over 50% of the circulating tokens.