How to Buy Floki Inu on Trust Wallet

floki inu

What is Floki Inu

Floki Inu is a meme-based cryptocurrency that was created in the first quarter of 2021. The top crypto developers and influencers created it, but the public owns it. Floki became known when the Tesla Boss Elon Musk Tweeted that his Shiba Inu dog would be called Floki. This tweet caused the investors of the Shiba Inu token to buy the Floki Inu, causing its price to soar by 24.9%, according to Benzinga.

Its developers hosted it in the Ethereum and Binance blockchain for 256 years to keep the prices of the digital coin stable. Unlike other Cryptos, Floki inu offers real-world utilities. You can use it to buy items from more than 1500 stores. It also plans to increase its utilities to be paying for services and buying Non Fungible Tokens.

Let’s look at how you can swap Floki Inu on Trust Wallet.

What is Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a decentralized mobile wallet company for all Ethereum and ERC20/ERC223 tokens. The wallet provides a platform where the user has complete control over their funds without recording personal information. It is designed as an application for iOS and Android with ease of use and the best user experience.

The main goal of Trust Wallet is to make digital currencies more accessible, and it has more than USD56.7 billion dollars in funding.

Downloading the Trust Wallet

Go to the google play store or the IOS store and search for Trust wallet. Allow it to download, then install. Trust wallet doesn’t require you to sign in for you to use it. It’s ready to use after installation.

Buy BNB to Swap For Floki Inu on Trust Wallet

You can not buy Floki Inu using the fiat method, the only way to get it is by swapping it with another Crypto. We will buy the Binance coin(BNB) and swap it for the Floki Inu. We can buy the BNB directly from the Trust wallet using our credit cards. To buy, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Your Trust Wallet
  2. Click on Buy
  3. Enter the amount you want to buy and click Next. For this example, we will buy $150 worth of BNB
  4. Trust Wallet will direct you to a payment page.
  5. Enter your credit card information and click Buy.

This process sometimes takes longer to process your transaction. Similarly, you can go to Binance, a Crypto exchange platform, buy the BNB and send it into your Trust wallet. This process is faster compared to the first one.

Swapping BNB for Floki Inu

We have some BNB in our wallet, and now we have to swap it for the Floki Inu. To Swap, we will use the Pancakeswap platform that is also available in the Trust wallet app. This is to open PancakeSwap in your Trust wallet:

  1. Click on DApps.
  2. Scroll down to the Popular sections and click on PancakeSwap.
  3. Select from BNB to Floki Inu and keep the slippage tolerance at 12%.
  4. Click Connect to wallet and select Trust wallet since we have our BNB in the Trust wallet
  5. Accept the Contract terms and Click Trade.

Alt Text:  swapping BNB for Floki Inu

Pancakeswap will exchange the BNB for the Floki Inu, and you will receive the Floki Inu in your wallet. The process might be instantaneous or might take some time, depending on the traffic at the time of your transaction.