How to Buy Lonely Alien Space Club (LASC) NFT

Lonely Alien Space Club

If you are a Non-fungible tokens (NFT) enthusiast, the Lonely Alien Space Club(LASC) is a good option. You can own one for less than ETH 1, and there is a potential you could sell it for much more than that on NFT marketplaces, which mostly use the bidding system. 

The Lonely Alien Space Club (LASC) is a collection of 10,001 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), These NFTs were developed using the ERC-721 NFT standards, which uses an API for digital assets within Ethereum Smart Contracts. 

LASC tokens are minted non-sequentially and are probably unique. They were generated through a computer program from a collection of 180 hand-drawn illustrations. The drawings include alien tech, joints, cowboy hats, gold chains, and more. 

The team behind the Lonely Alien Space Club (LASC) NFT created 10,000 tokens only. The tokens, which were originally sold at ETH 0.06 each, were quickly sold out. 

Lonely Alien Space Club

However, you can still buy the LASC NFTs on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. The platform has listed all 10,001 unique ERC-721 LASC NFTs.

The NFTs have a floor price (minimum price) of ETH 0.55, although some people are making much lower offers. 

By buying these NFTs, you will be supporting the artist behind these programmatically generated art, which includes images of cowboys, alien tech, gold chains, and much more.

But more importantly, you will own a digital asset whose price could dramatically increase as adoption increases.