What is Lonely Alien Space Club NFT?

Lonely Alien Space Club

The Lonely Alien Space Club (LASC) is a collection of 10,001 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Development of these NFTs is through the ERC-721 NFT standards, which uses an API for digital assets within Ethereum Smart Contracts. 

LASC tokens are non-sequentially and are probably unique. A computer program generates the LASC tokens from a collection of 180 hand-drawn illustrations. The drawings include alien tech, joints, cowboy hats, gold chains, and more. 

The Lonely Alien is a mothership that is suck into a black hole. It was also then breached while floating through the endless abyss, and 10,000 of the crew members were lost into the Metaverse. 

To save the 10,000 crew members, the remaining three members, Overlord, Hazai, and Nukans, created an abduction system through Ethereum’s Smart Contract. So, when you buy an LASC NFT, you are abducting a lost crew member and bringing them back to the mothership.

The purchase of an LASC NFT is also authorized as an automated access key. Allowing you to visit exclusive sections of the Lonely Aliens website and the #SpaceClub Discord channel

Other benefits are as the Club’s Flight Plan phases continue to completion. 

LASC NFTs original price, before all the tokens, sold out. (or all the crew members were abducted and taken back to the ship), was ETH 0.06. Now to own one of these alien-themed NFTs, you have to place a competitive bid on the NFT marketplace OpenSea