How to Buy Saitama Inu on Coinbase


Saitama is a community-driven token built on the Ethereum blockchain that launched in May 2021. Its main medium is the $Saitama token. The main aim of Saitama is to empower people to create wealth and control their money. Saitama wants to accomplish this by reorganizing the monetary system and redistribution of wealth. Saitama works in three main models. These are:

  • Passive income- 2% of every transaction using $SAITAMA  is distributed to all the holders. Thus you make money by holding the tokens.
  • Deflationary Currency- The developers remove 2% of all transactions from circulation. This means that the token will increase in value with time. The developers have already burnt 49%of the tokens.
  • Anti whale trap- The $Saitama token prevents the Saitama whale from manipulating its prices. This maintains a steady price of the tokens.

$SAITAMA Inu Tokenomics

At the time of writing, the token is selling at $0.000000129176 and has had a bullish week. $SAITAMA’s all-time high was $0.000000126886, which occurred in Nov 2021. The all-time low was $0.000000000026, which occurred in July 2021. In less than six months, the token has had a 497423.2% increase in value. $SAITAMA is trading at a market cap of $5,734,128,532 and a market volume of $135,656,404 with a total supply of 44.611 quadrillion tokens.

Buying Saitama Inu on Coinbase

Create a Coinbase Wallet to Buy ETH

Since Saitama is an ERC 20 token, you will need to register an ETH account on Coinbase and buy some Eth that you will use to sway for $SAITAMA. 

To open an account, go to coinbase and click get started on the top right corner. Fill in your details and click create account. You will also need to verify your account with your phone number and add your bank account details.

Go to the top right corner of your home page and click buy/ sell. Then select Ethereum. Once your purchase is confirmed, you will receive some ETH in your Coinbase wallet. You will also need to buy some extra ETH for the gas tax when swapping.

Swapping Eth for Saitama Inu on Uniswap

After buying the ETH, go to Uniswap. Click on Select Token and enter the $SAITAMA contact address which is 0x8b3192f5eebd8579568a2ed41e6feb402f93f73f.

Select $SAITAMA tokens that appear below the contact address and click import.

Choose ETH on the tab above  and click connect to wallet.

Select coinbase wallet and scan the QR code to connect

Adjust Uniswap Settings

On Uniswap, when prompted with a No Liquidity pop-up message, click on Trade Using V2. On the upper right corner, click on the cogwheel icon and set the Slippage tolerance between 5-10%. A slippage prevents other orders from overrunning your transaction.


Enter the amount of Eth you want to swap and leave some for the Ethereum network gas tax. Click on swap and approve your transaction on your coinbase wallet app. The $SAITAMA you bought should reflect in your wallet after a few minutes. If it doesn’t, click Add Token and paste our $SAITAMA contract address.