How to Buy Secret Society of Whales NFTs

Secret Society Whales

Secret Society of Whales NFTs are provided by a budding society that seeks to popularize NFTs. The inspiration behind the exclusive club is the whale. In fact, part of the proceeds in this NFT project are set aside to help conservation efforts save the diminishing whale population. Anyone who wants to join the club has to purchase one of the 10,000 whale NFTs in existence. Besides being the buy-in, owning a whale NFT allows you to participate in decision-making in the community by voting.

The Kinds of Whales up for Auction

There is a finite number of whale NFTS, 10,000 to be precise. Each whale is unique in shape, size, look, and mood. In addition, the developers have made different apparel for each whale.

Some of the exciting variations include a sailor’s outfit, sports gear, a rockstars design, a patched-eyed pirate, and more. In terms of grouping, buyers get to pick from common, uncommon, and rare categories. Like in art collections, the prices for each category are different, with the rare NFTs being the most valuable.

The Team Behind the Secret Society of Whales NFTs Project

Like all fantastic ideas, the whales project is a team effort that brings together skills from three professionals.

Leading the team is Big Jon, a marketing guru who leads the creative team.

Second in command is Squilliam, a talented software engineer who works for Amazon.

The third is Charbo, one of the software security engineers at the Ethereum Foundation. To bring the whale project to life, the team also brought Dean, who is one of the most respected artists in storyboard art.

Lastly, the WestCoast NFT provided consultancy services during the debut of the whale project.

About the #TogetherWeWhale Initiative

One of the milestones in the whale project is promoting upcoming NFT projects through the # TogetherWeWhale Initiative. To achieve this, holders of whale NFTs take a vote to choose one among the many upcoming NFT projects. Every NFT in the whale project counts as one vote, and 2% of the secondary sales get reverted to the whale initiative. In this regard, the initiative has long-term goals: to make NFTs gain prominence across the world.

Similarly, the society seeks to make contributions to charity. Firstly, the Secret Society of Whales loves whales and would like them to be around for long. Following this, a $25,000 kitty will be awarded to a charity that focuses on saving whales.

Additionally, another charity that promotes mental health awareness will get a $25,000 reward. Moreover, the team aims to commission a large-sized mural in Los Angeles, California, to mark the completion of the whale project.  

Buying Whale NFTs

Whale NFTs are readily available on As a matter of fact, there is a whale for everyone. Buy here if you want to join the NFT movement, support upcoming projects, and have a voice in the exclusive Secret Society of Whales community.

To make things easier, the market allows you to narrow down to the whale that matches your personality. With this in mind, you have to apply filters to isolate the features on different whales, making it easy to select the best one for you.