How to Buy USDT with Revolut

Source: Bloomberg

If you are looking to invest in Tether’s USDT stablecoin there are multiple platforms available to purchase it. For those who bank online with Revolut however, you may run into a bit of a snag trying to invest in Tether USDT.

Revolut does not directly offer USDT. Instead, users can transfer their funds from Revolut to trusted crypto exchanges that provide the Tether stablecoin. Here’s a loophole guide on how to buy USDT with Revolut.

Revolut does not directly offer the ability to buy USDT. Instead, users can transfer their funds to crypto exchanges that provide Tether.
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How to Buy USDT with Revolut

While you can’t buy USDT directly with Revolut, the bank does allow users to transfer funds to regulated cryptocurrency exchanges that support various fiat currencies.

One of the more popular exchanges that supports cases like this is Bybit. The Bybit platform supports purchasing hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins, with fair fees. You can transfer funds from your bank to the exchange easily, which can then be used to purchase and invest in crypto.

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Here’s how to set up your Revolut account on Bybit to buy USDT:

  1. Set up Your Bybit Account: Quickly register for an account on Bybit.
  2. Transfer Via Revolut: Use your Revolut account to transfer funds straight to your Bybit account.
  3. Select Your Currency: Once in your Bybit account, visit the ‘Fiat Deposit’ section to choose the currency transferred from Revolut for deposit.
  4. Purchase USDT or Other Stablecoins: With a funded Bybit account, explore and acquire USDT or another preferred stablecoin/digital asset.