How to Fix Pancakeswap “No Provider Was Found Error!”


Have you found ‘Provider Error. No user Was Found’ error trying to connect to PancakeSwap using a browser version with Trustwallet? Are you looking for a solution on how you can fast and effectively fix the error? This article below explains the ‘No user Was Found’ bug and tells you how to fix it.

About PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap is similar to Uniswap and Ethereum’s decentralized exchanges. However, compared to these exchanges, it runs on Binance Smart Chain, which is cheaper. With PancakeSwap, you can trade cryptocurrency without a go-between, such as online exchanges. This makes the trading process efficient and safe from online scammers. It is the go-to platform for BEP-20 coins that use the Binance Smart Chain as their core technology.

What Is ‘No Provider Was Found’ on PancakeSwap?

This is an error you might encounter while trying to connect to PancakeSwap using your Trust wallet. The error means that you cannot swap tokens. If you are wondering why the message popped up, you might want to look through the following possibilities:

  • You might be trying to connect to PancakeSwap using a browser instead of a “DApps”
  • The browser you are using might be refusing to connect to your Trustwallet
  • The browser you are using might be a few that don’t support PancakeSwap and other similar decentralized apps. An example of such a browser is Chrome.
  • You should be using the designated DApps search engine allowed by Trustwallet.

How to Fix ‘No Provider Was Found’ on Pancakeswap

The DApps browser is the only browser in Trustwallet that supports PancakeSwap and other decentralized exchanges. To fix the issue, first, you have to stop using your regular browser to connect to PancakeSwap. You will have to set the DApps on Trustwallet as your default browser because it’s not automatic. The following are the steps you will have to follow to fix this error:

1. Go to the app store either on Android or iOS, download the Trustwallet app, and create an account.

2. In the Trustwallet app, enable DApps to open the browser you can use on your phone.

3. You will type “trust://browser_enable” in the search bar and hit search. This will help to fix the “No Provider Was Found” error

4. Click “Open” which will direct you to the homepage on Trustwallet. The DApps is now ready to use.

5. Go back to the Trustwallet app and open DApps. Scroll through the popular bar until you see PancakeSwap.

6. Open PancakeSwap, and on the top right corner, you will see a button labeled “connect.” Once you press it, you will securely connect Trustwallet to PancakeSwap without any errors.

Bottom Line

The “No Provider Was Found” error is straightforward to fix. In the future, remember to connect to PancakeSwap using DApps and not the browser on your device. Also, ensure that you enable the DApp browser on Trustwallet before trying to connect to PancakeSwap. There is also more than one way to fix the error, although this is the simplest of them all.