How to Fix the Axie Infinity Lag Issue


Axie Infinity is a pet-based crypto game inspired by the popular Pokémon franchise. It functions in a decentralized ecosystem. And, according to Axie Infinity, the most recent bullish trend in the crypto market can be linked to its NFT and ERC-20 tokens.

How Axie Infinity Works

Axie Infinity allows users to gather, breed, combat, and trade Axies (digital animals).

Each Axie is a one-of-a-kind NFT that may be bred to create more Axies or traded in the game’s P2P Axie marketplace.

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP) are two ERC-20 tokens that players can earn in addition to raising and exchanging Axies. AXS is the primary Axie Infinity coin, and players can use it to influence the volatility of the platform.

To breed new Axies, players need SLP, which is gained by combating your Axies. For those investors who are not particularly keen on the gameplay, trading both tokens on decentralized crypto exchanges is a suitable alternative.

Axie Infinity Lag: What it is

In just a few weeks, Axie Infinity has surged in popularity. The game has around 2M daily active users. This large number of users has taken a toll on their servers, rendering the game unusable. As a result, you may be experiencing extreme lag and disconnection issues.

How to Fix Axie Infinity Lag Problem

Step 1: Allow the Game to Sync With the Central Database

This simply means opening every interface within the game and allowing it up to a minute to load and sync. Do this as soon as you log in. 

First, view your quests. This is the window that will display your daily, weekly and special quests. Once you select ‘Quests,’ give them up to a minute, and they will all pop up on the screen.

Next, open your battle log. A ‘Scroll’ symbol can be seen on the game’s homepage. You will find it under the ‘Arena’ button. Use this to get to your battle log and wait till it loads and syncs. Your previous victories and/or losses should appear here.

Finally, open your inventory. You will find its icon on the bottom-left of the main page. Give it about a minute, and all your collectibles shall appear on the page. You ought to be able to play the game now that your quests, battle log, and inventory are in sync with the game’s database.

You can now select a game mode, either ‘Adventure’ or ‘Arena’ to check if it works.

Step 2: Restart the Game

If syncing your game with the central Axie Infinity database as in step 1 above doesn’t work, simply restart your game.

Step 3: Clear Cache

If you’re playing Axie Infinity on your smartphone, go to settings and look for ‘Applications.’ It will redirect you to a window where you will select Axie Infinity. Click on it and scroll till you find ‘App Storage.’ When it loads, select ‘Clear Cache’ then try to reload the game.

However, it is essential to note that this does not guarantee a 100% success rate. This is because the lag might result from an error on Axie Infinity’s end rather than yours.