How to Withdraw Bitcoin on Cash App?

Vignesh Karunanidhi
How to Withdraw Bitcoin on Cash App?
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Bitcoin has grown in popularity over time. Because of its rising usage, BTC has become a payment method that many consumers use. Despite the fact that there are multiple sites for buying, trading, and sending Bitcoin, Cash App has grown in prominence. 

Despite the fact that the application is called “Cash App,” it allows users to send and receive Bitcoin. Let’s have a look at how simple it is to withdraw Bitcoin using the Cash App. Before that, let us get to know Cash App a little better.

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Source: Money

What is Cash App?

The Cash App, which was formerly known as Square Cash, is a mobile payment service that was released in 2013. It was developed by Square, Inc., with its services available in the US and the UK.

Using a smartphone app, users can send and receive money between and among friends, family, and companies. Peer-to-peer money transfers, the opportunity to buy and sell Bitcoin, a card to make purchases, and the choice to invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies are just a few of the features offered by Cash App. 

To ensure smooth transactions, users may connect their bank accounts or debit cards to their Cash App account. Because of its straightforward layout and practical payment alternatives, the Cash App has become increasingly popular.

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Things to do before

Before you can withdraw Bitcoin on the Cash App, you have to initially complete verification:

  • Go to the Cash App home screen and click on “Bitcoin.”
  • Click on “Enable Withdrawals and Deposits.”
  • Complete verification by entering your details, including your email address, income, and employment information.
  • Scan your ID and complete your photo verification. 

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How to Withdraw Bitcoin on Cash App?

  • Go to the Cash App and swap to BTC by clicking on USD.
  • Select Bitcoin and enter the amount of BTC.
  • Click on “Withdraw BTC.”
  • Scan a QR code or manually enter the external wallet address.
  • Click “send and confirm your withdrawal.
  • The standard withdrawal requires at least 0.001 bitcoin.