Hundreds of employees bid farewell to Twitter

Lavina Daryanani
Source: MuyComputer

When Elon Musk took over Twitter, firings were the talk of the town. Contractors were laid off in mass with minimal notice. However now, it seems like the tables have turned. Owing to Musk’s “extremely hardcore” environment, hundreds of Twitter employees have put down their papers.

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Employees quit in droves

Earlier this week, Elon Musk sent employees an email about his vision of “Twitter 2.0” and how it’d require “long hours,” for it would be “high intensity” and “extremely hardcore.” The executive further asked employees to sign an online form by 5PM ET on Thursday committing to the same. The condition was, if employees refused to sign the form, they’d receive three months of severance pay.

After the deadline hit, hundreds of employees started posting farewell messages and salute emojis on Slack, proclaiming that they had said no to Musk. Alongside, even on the social media platform, employees started tweeting about how their term at the company has come to end.

The ones using the salute emoji have overtly decided to not stay for Musk’s “Twitter 2.0” cultural reset. Despite their decision to leave altogether, most of them acknowledged that they “loved” their time at the company.

Another employee, Satanjeev Banerjee tweeted,

And just like that, after 12 years, I have left Twitter. I have nothing but love for all my fellow tweeps, past and present. A thousand faces and a thousand scenes are flashing through my mind right now – I love you Twitter and I’ll forever bleed blue

Parallelly, Twitter offices are shutting down, given that employees have chosen to leave. The company announced via email that it would close its office buildings and disable employee badge access until Monday.

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