Hyperbitcoinization: Will This Bitcoin Bull Run Accelerate Its Adoption?

Source: Forbes

The world is quickly transitioning from the industrial era to a Data Era. Many have found themselves venturing into the world of BTC currency, erasing the fiat power as days pass. Truthfully speaking, no one understands what this transition to Bitcoin technology will eventually be like. To understand hyperbitcoinization, there are a few things that we will also need to understand.

How Things Work in the Digital Age

Compared to earlier days, the modern age is quickly changing and adapting. Bitcoin is precisely positioned to bring out a significant role that will eventually be a reality soon. Understanding how things work in the digital age is of paramount importance to help you survive.

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As we continue moving forward, we continue to adopt the internet more. Our methods of sharing information and even communicating have also been digitized. This is now changing even the lifestyle we used to live to a digital world lifestyle. For instance, the world is embracing Netflix dropping the blockbuster. Spotify is now replacing even the mp3.

Using the Bitcoin blockchain will help secure information and transactions made for products and services payments. The digital Age through bitcoin is increasing the value of money. that money is now digital; you don’t have to be carrying it all around and exchanging it from one currency to another. this is how things work in the digital age.

Hyperbitcoinization: Global Bitcoin Adoption

Bitcoin adoption has been taking place, especially this year in 2021. many businesses, companies, countries, and individuals continue to venture more into the world of Bitcoin, its use, and value. It is not yet clear where we are currently in BTC adoption. Estimations suggest about 150 million, which is about 1% or 2% of the world’s population.

Compared to internet adoption, Bitcoin is growing faster. It looks like the bitcoins adoption rate will be reaching one billion users by the year 2025, according to the many forecasts by individuals and analysts. Bitcoin will have at least 13% global penetration, placing it at the takeoff stage if this happens.

However, the estimation mentioned above mostly depends on the bitcoin user adoption on the network and not BTC as a monetary asset. Meaning that bitcoins price reflects how much billionaires and BTC whales like Michael Saylor are putting in. The more life savings you put in, the more significant the impact of BTC price.

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If more billionaires put half of their life savings into BTC, its adoption will rise by 25% and thus attract the small fish to join in the craze.

Hodling Bitcoin for Future Value and Revenue

Buying Bitcoin is a continuous journey. Currently, Bitcoin is the wealthiest and most profitable investment in the world. The revenue earned from Bitcoin’s appreciation is nothing compared to any other business. 

For most investors, hodling is the best way to earn profit. Currently, companies like MicroStrategy, Tesla, Square, and others are hodling a lot of Bitcoin into their holdings. Just recently, Elon Musk bought more BTC into His holdings with 20% of his shares. Embrace Hyperbitcoinization: