ICP Blockchain: The Revolution of Blockchain Technology


The world of softwares and the internet is radically changing, thanks to the Internet Computer (ICP).

Blockchain technology powers ICP. The ICP token (Internet Computer Protocol) gives an open computing platform where anyone can place services or software without giant pressure.

Furthermore, developers, government agencies, and businesses can host software and services void of risks.

How the Internet Computer Works

Blockchain and mining always have high energy costs and high equipment. At times, the process was slow. We corrected this using a proof-of-stake algorithm, with nodes generating random numbers.

With the help of crucial chain technologies, the speed problem in ICP found a solution. Chain Key technology distinguishes the functions of smart contracts into update requests and calls.

To clarify, an ICP can make transactions within two seconds, while Bitcoin and Ethereum take almost up to 10 minutes and 15 seconds, respectively.

A community of users who vote on economic policy, updates, and project development manage the ICP project. And the work is done with the aid of a Neural Network system formed on calculations and Blockchain technologies.

Technological Features: ICP, Open Internet Services, and Neurons

The internet Computer Project utilizes technology that might be unfamiliar to users. However, the main feature is the interlinkage of all settings to ensure effortless operations.


This is a service token. It allows users to contribute to the management of the project.Also, in addition to the voting and membership feature, ICP connects the private clouds network to communicate with the public network.


It’s an element in the Network Nervous System:

  1. Neurons receive the participants’ votes using tokens.
  2. The proposals are appraised by the neurons incharge of the operator.
  3. Neuron operators are tipped in tokens for viewing polls.

Open Internet Service

Due to this technology, the service works individually, counting on support from users. In addition, OPS can mark public functions as “persistent,” enabling developers to develop services that bank on data or functionality given by other services.

Canisters, Motoko, Loops, and Network Nervous System supports this system. With such a system, evolution keeps happening to guarantee a free global network.

Advantages of Internet Computer (ICP)

The ICP is yet to be fully exploited. So it isn’t easy to assess it. However, there are visible profound benefits for developers, businesses, and ordinary users.


ICP removes equipment costs, installation, and the operation of blockchain systems on mining. Instead, ICP will improve accessibility to the world, and investors will work on new developments and not maintenance.


For instance, you won’t worry about the policies of Google. Instead, segmentation enables you to separate from the overall system and create your game rules. That is to say, and you can develop your own DApp with an open-source.


ICP goes beyond cryptocurrency, but, looks to handle broader scope, according to the founder of Dfinity.

“Bitcoin created the cryptocurrency market by inventing digital gold. Ethereum has shown how Smart Contract should work. And the third step, the “infinite blockchain” should be done by the internet computer.”


ICP is providing more reliable transaction speed. The transaction on such a blockchain runs at an internet speed and can support an infinite amount of data.

With investors coming on board to support this venture, it shows there is also a need. ICP’s robust blockchain is the current future.