Indonesia Citizens are Getting Bitcoin Education

Source: CoinTelegraph

The Indonesia Bitcoin Conference is a chance to learn better saving technology.

Bitcoin is a new and open internet standard for hard money as global financial institutions have increasingly adopted it. Nowadays, with increased awareness, we see its use growing across the world’s economies. Bitcoin is aiming to fix the Global Economic Problems.

Indonesia gives a chance to educate people about bitcoin. 60% of internet users own smartphones in their native tongue. This country must understand what crypto stands for before getting scammed.

Indonesia has a rich history of mismanagement and corruption. They want to invest their money in something that will pay off. Besides, they need something that can perform well. Also, be trustworthy enough to hold onto it long-term. The sad truth is this has been difficult. Many people have lost all trust in government investments. Since they noticed the government stole funds meant for relief after covid 19 last year. For these reasons alone, most residents need safe investments—an avenue where returns outweigh the risk.

Bitcoin continues to gain traction with an approximate 90% increase YTD (October 2021). Those who invested in bitcoin after Covid-19 saw their investment skyrocket. Yet, other markets experienced stagnation or fell. The latest government bond, SR015, yields 5%. What is happening? The answer lies within Indonesia’s economy. It was declared a recession in Q3 2020. Thus, currently trying to climb out of the slump. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has dominated performance during this period by gaining 90%. Besides, all this is without any significant risk.

Several Indonesians might leapfrog from gold and property markets straight into digital assets. This is comparable to how most Indonesians bypassed PCs to Androids. With over six million people already invested in this space instead of 5.4 Million. The latter invest stocks – all within one year.

Source: Statista

Indonesia BTC Conference, Strategy for Education

This conference is a way for Indonesians to learn about the latest innovations in crypto. The event will feature speakers from around the world. Notably, it will include some locals, such as Saifedean Ammous and Robert Breedlove.

The future of bitcoin is bright, and the Indonesian people should be more informed on this topic. Thus, topics as exchanges, mining computers, or how to invest in bitcoins will all feature.

The Indonesia Bitcoin Conference will be coming up on October 31st, 2021. This was the exact date when Satoshi Nakamoto published his whitepaper.