Instagram Officially Begins Selling Verification for $11.99/ Month in the US

Joshua Ramos
Source: MacRumors

Following an announcement last month of its impending arrival, Instagram has officially begun selling verification for $11.99 to users based in the US. Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg announced the Meta Verified system is rolling out today and will allow users to gain access to the coveted verification badge.

The decision to implement a paid verification system follows a similar approach taken by the Twitter Blue subscription model. Similarly, users are set a monthly fee for them to gain access to the verified check. Conversely, Twitter has been forced to implement safeguards to protect from false identity accounts; something Instagram will also introduce.

Instagram Selling Verification

Last month, Mark Zuckerberg announced the impending arrival of a Meta verification feature. Moreover, the development would allow users to purchase a verification mark for their account via a monthly fee. Now, that product has begun rolling out.

Zuckerberg has announced Instagram is officially selling verification to users based in the United States for $11.99 a month. Moreover, the Meta CEO noted that through Meta verified, users “can get a badge, proactive impersonation protection, and direct access to customer support.”

Source: Meta Channel

The decision to seek a subscription model for users follows a similar path taken by Twitter. Subsequently, through the Twitter Blue subscription service, users have access to a host of features, including the coveted blue check. Something Instagram has now similarly implemented.

Instagram is currently one of the most prominent social media applications in the consumer market. Specifically, it is among hte most popular in the Meta ecosystem, alongside both Facebook and WhatsApp. Yet, it is unknown how the development will eventually affect those applications as well.